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Harvey Cobb is sort of a comedian, kind of a juggler, and almost an artist.


His award-winning nonsense has been entertaining audiences across Europe and even the UK!


Harvey grew up in a small industrial town in the North of England where he learned to ride a unicycle because he was bad at football.  After spending his teenage years street performing, he moved to the Netherlands to study and in 2022 Graduated from Codarts, Rotterdam, with a degree in Circus. Yes, that is ridiculous.


On stage, Harvey creates his signature blend of ludicrous nonsense,  vulnerable sincerity, and a ridiculous amount of Pink Rain Boots/Gum Boots/Wellies. He combines absurd and honest stand-up with silly circus to keep his audience laughing, crying, and questioning what on earth is going on.


In the infamous summer of 2020, Harvey began running The Headless Cabaret, a weekly online circus show: “Circus made for the Screen”. After its positive reception, Harvey joined forces with juggler and filmmaker Fidel Rott to form Headless Productions. Together they run The Headless Cabaret (now in real life and online), a late-night showcase of young, obscure, out-of-the-box performers based in Europe. 

As part of Headless Productions, Harvey wrote and starred in Harvey Cobb and The Abundance of Pink Boots, an online mini-series combining circus and sketch-comedy. 

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©Tessa Veldhorst

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